Arvid Varanger

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Arvid Varanger
Arvid Varanger (Hayville

Arvid Varanger is a man in Easthaven and Hayville, in the west between the two Blacksmiths, and the north respectively. The leader of the Resistance and enemy of the Witchmaster, he is a man of morality and heroism with connection all over the Kingdom. He will not rest until the people are freed from the Witchmaster's tyranny. He is the son of a Kamengrad Council member and the bother of the head of Avan, Vaso.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

A true hero is both wise and strong.
The Witchmaster will burn.
Our newest recruit I presume. Delighted to meet another person that would like to see the Witchmaster dead. We have been struggling in our fight against his army that is stationed here in Easthaven for weeks. It's not an easy fight and we have seen many casualties. However, we hope to catch a break in our war. A ship smuggling weapons will arrive for us today. There is no rest for a resistance member so I want you to get the reports from our scouts at the dock so that we may know that the coast is clear. If it is, go to the ship and make sure the weapon transport is done safely.
Where are the weapons? What happened?
NO! We can't afford losing those weapons. Not only that, we certainly cannot afford to have traitors among us. We need to know if there are more traitors. If there are they should be keelhauled! You are our latest recruit so how can I trust you, you wonder? Well, let's say I know a guy that knows someone whose cousin saw you pee five moons ago. I will let you lead the investigation for more traitors. Don't let anyone know you are doing this. Ask around for more information. The bar is a place where people tend to talk more than they intend.
How is the traitor situation?
Good. We'll be missing those weapons though. We have no time to wait for any more shipments, we need to strike now. It's time for war. We will hit fast and hard.
I have your tasks here. You will need to burn some of their supplies to make up for our lost weapons.
I also need you to take out some scouts in the forest and a captain that is off duty, he has been seen at one of the taverns.
Finally, there is a squad moving around in the woods. It would be an excellent opportunity to find them and ambush them.
Excellent work! These attacks will cripple the Witchmasters Army. We must not stop now. Forward is the only way! We need to gather as many resistance fighter as possible and go for the final attack against the headquarters. The Witchmaster will feel our wrath. Most resistance fighters are here in Easthaven. However some people have had their homes destroyed and lives in a camp south of Easthaven. Go there and recruit them for the war.
We are under attack! No time to talk. Look for any resistance survivors and then meet us at our secret hideout. I'll mark the locations on your map. Those bastards. We will strike back.
We have lost many friends today. Their lives were not lost in vain.
Sorrow will not stop us. It will make us stronger in our battle.
It's finally time we risk everything to kill the Witchmaster. His death is our only way to be victorious.
Our source says that he is hiding in the headquarters in central Easthaven, so we need to lure the army away from the city.
We will create two diversions. Our main force will attack Easthaven from the South-East. Player will go to the weapons we lost in the shipment. I just got told by a source that they are heavily guarded in an outpost west of Easthaven. Kill the guards and light the weapons on fire. It's already too late for the weapons to be of any use for us. We don't have enough soldiers to use them. The fire will create more confusion for the Witchmaster's army.
With our diversions in place, Player and a small force will attack the headquarters.
Player, Meet us at the headquarters when the weapons are burning.
You killed the guards. Well done.
Most of the resistance is...dead. Their effort is not in vain though.
Their lives have brought us here, where we can finally end it all. Time to enter the headquarters and kill the Witchmaster.
No, that can't be right.
Who are you?
What do you mean? Player has been helping us. Without him... That can't be true. They said it was a monster that did it. With teeth like an animal.
Player, let me see your teeth.
You have fangs? It's true then. You are a monster. You killed them. No I...No. You must die.
Enough lies!