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The Bloodline is the skill tree for Vampire's Fall: Origins

Make your choices wisely while using your bloodline points. The attributes you give your Vampire can give you a vital edge in combat.

Anger points increases your choice of weapons damage, Main attack, Critical strikes, and Counter attacks.

Vitality points make your Vampire's overall health and focus stronger, builds them and makes focus regenerate more easily.

Deceit points make your Vampire benefit more from battle, gets you additional experience points and cash. It also allows you to build your Vampire's dodging abilities and shield blocking abilities.

Legendary bloodlines is a new skill tree of 25 skills, added with 1.6.182 game update. They are available after level 60 and leveling up gives one legendary bloodline point for each level (40 points in total, at level 100). Legendary bloodline points can be earned in Dungeons as well.

The bloodline trees are INFINITELY valuable, use them wisely. It is possible to switch your bloodline attributes later on in the game, but it will cost you in game currencies to do so. More on Reseting skills.

All bonuses scale linearly, the shown values are per 1 skill point.

There are four different categories:


  • Hard hitter copy.pngExpert hitter(0/3):
    • +1 Max dmg with weapons
  • Precise hitter copy.pngPrecise hitter(0/20): +0.3 % Chance for critical hit
  • Hard precise hitter copy.pngHard precise hitter(0/30): +2% Critical hit dmg
  • Stunning strike critical copy.pngStunning strike(0/10): +1% Chance for critical hits to stun target (if your weapon has a stun chance)
  • Pierce expert copy.pngPiercing expert(0/30): +3% Dmg with piercing weapons
  • Blunt expert copy.pngBlunt expert(0/30): +3% Dmg with blunt weapons
  • Slash expert copy.pngSlash expert(0/30): +3% Dmg with slash weapons
  • Harder hitter copy.pngHarder hitter0/10): +1 Max dmg with weapons
  • Beserker copy.pngBerserker(0/20): +5% Dmg when HP is under 25%

  • Posion expert.jpgPosion Expert(0/15): +8% Poison damage per tick

  • Posion mastery.jpgPosion Mastery(0/20): +2% Crit chance per poison tick

  • Bleed expert.jpgBleed Expert(0/15): +6% Bleed dump damage

  • Bleed mastery.jpgBleed Mastery(0/20): +2% Crit chance for bleed dump

VITALITY copy.pngVitality

  • Lesser health copy.pngLesser health(0/3): +2 Max HP
  • Minor health copy.pngMinor health(0/25): +3 Max HP
  • Major health copy.pngMajor health(0/25): +5 Max HP
  • Greater health copy.pngGreater health(0/30): +0.5 Max HP for each player level
  • Improved stamina regen copy.pngRefreshing combo(0/15): +1.5 Focus regenerated on Combo turn15
  • Max stamina copy.pngHealthy combo(0/20): +1 HP regeneration on Combo turn
  • Refreshing turn copy.pngAn extra combo(0/10): +5% Chance to add one normal attack at the end of Combo turn
  • Vampiric touch copy.pngVampiric touch(0/10): +2% Dmg dealt with weapons added as health (max 5% of MAX HP per turn)
  • Max focus copy.pngImproved focus(0/25): +3 Max focus
  • Improved focus regen copy.pngImproved focus regen(0/20): +0.8 Focus regen per turn
  • Focused mind copy.pngFocused mind(0/20): +5 Starting focus
  • Arcane armor.jpgArcane Armor(0/10): +2% armor

  • Arcane damage.jpgArcane Damage(0/20): +6% damage with conjure and bat swarm

  • Arcane mastery1.jpgArcane Mastery(0/20): +3% Critical chance with conjure and bat swarm

DECEIT copy.pngDeceit

  • Dodge copy.pngDodge(0/3): +1% Chance to dodge enemy attacks
  • Refreshing Dodge copy.pngRefreshing dodge(0/20): +2 Focus when successfully dodging an attack
  • Dodge copy.pngGreater dodge(0/30): +0.5 Chance to dodge enemy attacks
  • Dodge death copy.pngDodging death(0/10): +5% Chance to keep 1 HP when an enemy does a killing blow
  • Shield mastery copy.pngShield mastery(0/15): +1% Chance to block with shield
  • Ranged defender copy.pngRanged defender(0/20): +1.5% Chance to block ranged attacks with shield
  • Opportunist copy.pngOpportunist(0/20): +1% Chance to counter-attack a blocked melee attack. (Can`t be dodged or blocked)
  • Gold fever copy.pngGold fever(0/10): +3% more gold from enemies
  • Xp fever copy.pngExperience fever(0/10): +5% more XP from enemies
  • Backpacker copy.pngBackpacker(0/1): +1 extra slot for potions in inventory
  • Good packer copy.pngStrong back(0/15): +2 Max equip load
  • Extra pocket copy.pngExtra pocket(0/1): +1 extra slot for crafting potions


  • Vampiric bats.jpgVampiric Bats(0/10): Bat Swarm heals for 3% of damage

  • Arcane explosion.jpgArcane Explosion(0/5): Conjure deals an additional 10% damage, over three turns

  • Arcane triggers.jpgArcane Triggers(0/6): Melee attacks have a 2% chance to trigger Conjure

  • Arcane spellsword.jpgArcane Spellsword(0/6): Melee attacks do 4% more damage when enemy is afflicted with Bat Swarm

  • Arcane cleanse.jpgArcane Cleanse(0/1): Fortify removes one turn from random debuff

  • Hungry.jpgHungry(0/8): Bite heals for an extra 5%

  • Mastermind.jpgMastermind(0/6): Focus regeneration increased by 5% for three turns when depleting Focus bar

  • Reanimate.jpgReanimate(0/5): Thrown weapons have a 15% chance of returning after combo turn

  • Extractor.jpgExtractor(0/10): If an enemy is killed with a thrown weapon, increase xp reward 15%

  • Disrupt.jpgDisrupt(0/1): Petrify removes one turn from random buff on enemy

  • Tank.jpgTank(0/10): 3% more HP, 5% more HP with shield equipped

  • Pragmatic.jpgPragmatic(0/1): When a shield is equipped dual strike hits twice with primary weapon. Costs 2 less focus

  • Havel.jpgHavel(0/10): Increased weight gives incresed stun chance. Maximum 1%

  • Prepared.jpgPrepared(0/5): Fortify increases melee block chance by 1%

  • Sabotage.jpgSabotage(0/5): Fracture reduces the damage of the enemy by 4%

  • Evasive.jpgEvasive(0/5): When dual wielding, 8% chance to dodge ranged attacks

  • Strong dual.jpgStrong Dual(0/5): When dual wielding, Dual strike deals 5% more damage

  • Swift.jpgSwift(0/10): When dual wielding, +1% chance to dodge

  • Dualist.jpgDualist(0/5): When dual wielding, +2% extra critical chance

  • Stab stab.jpgStab Stab(0/5): Backstab guarantees two hits, +1,5% chance of triggering another hit

  • Sinergy.jpgSinergy(0/10): Posion and bleed do 7% extra damage when both are applied

  • Razor sharp.jpgRazor Sharp(0/5): Sharpen increases weapon damage by an additional 2%

  • Hemorrhage.jpgHemorrhage(0/1): Bleed now causes damage every time the opponent takes an action. The more bleed the more damage

  • Infected.jpgInfected(0/6): Posioned enemies heal for 10% less than normal

  • Two cuts.jpgTwo Cuts(0/8): When dual wielding, Dual strike applies bleed & posion 9% faster