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This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Brutal; does that sound like something you want to face in combat?
~ A drunk fighter in Kamengrad

What are Brutals ?[edit | edit source]

  • Brutals are Monsters spread over the world. They are very strong and defeating them gives huge rewards, including some items that cannot be found elsewhere (see Capes).
  • Each Brutal is one of a kind, but they are not the same as the unique enemies, who are much weaker than Brutals and do not follow the same rules.
  • Some of them have a specific location, Guard Brutals marked on the map, and some of them are found at random in certain areas, Wild Brutals that are rare spawns.
  • A Brutals menu can be accessed in-game by clicking on the trophy icon in the top left corner.
  • After defeating all Brutals including the three God Brutals, you receive an award of a certain level (Bronze, Silver or Gold), and all Brutals are reset for you to fight again : they can always be found the same way, but their stats will be buffed each time. Except for the Enigma quest line (see here) you can find the new and stronger version Brutals as soon as you finished the previous group, no matter on what Rebirth you are.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

There are currently four tiers of Brutals : Bronze, Silver, Gold and Epic. The first Brutals you will fight are the Bronze set. The danger and the rewards increase drastically with each tier. Once the God of Brutals is defeated, you are awarded a trophy for that tier and the Brutals are reset, so you could be ambushed by a stronger Enigma right after you leave the Catacombs !

Wild[edit | edit source]

The Wild Brutals are encountered randomly in specific areas. It is possible to flee from Wild Brutals.

  • Mother of Wolves - Forest around Avan
  • Xaphxan the Invisible - Kamengrad Ruins
  • Tusk Trio - Borewood Forest
  • The Rat King - At the entrance to Niwokee, where a line of bodies are left hanging.
  • Lernaean - The Dreary Mire
  • Aendisea's Bane - Aendisea Ruins, after lighting the fire far south of the ruins.
  • Styx's Servant - Angel Falls Cemetery
  • Enigma - Can be found anywhere (exceptions being safe zones such as towns, taverns, etc) after obtaining the talisman from the Master of Riddles. You must complete the five "Solve the Riddles" quests before you will be offered the talisman.
  • God Brutal of the Wild - See God Brutals for more details.

Guard[edit | edit source]

The location of guard Brutals is marked on the map by a red symbol of two crossed swords. After the interaction you sometimes are offered a chance to refuse the fight, sometimes not. In any case, once the battle starts there is no other escape that forfeiting.

  • Spirit Brothers - Three separate fights : at the three stairs locations on the map. The first is in Vamp'Ire, the second is north of Kamengrad and the third is south of Ways Farm.
  • The Seals of Gont - Northwest of Avan.
  • Beast of the Valley - Southeast corner of the Shadowvalley; the zone where the Ruins of Aendisea are.
  • Koccuburry Cave Dweller - Koccubury Caves, east from the Woodland Market.
  • Hunter Killer - east of Lake of Nyssa, on the opposite valley as marked on the map
  • Death's Advocate - cave in a small valley, south-west of Easthaven, as marked on the map.
  • Fulacks the Ugly - Bridge on a river in Troldeskoven, the one that is closest to Mor Nyth.
  • Rat Eater - In the Borewood Forest, east of Meather's cabin and near the edge of the map.
  • God Brutal of Guard - becomes unlocked when all other guard Brutals have been killed. See God Brutals for more information.

Daily[edit | edit source]

Every day a new daily Brutal appears. They behave like wild Brutals in the sense that they are a random fight located in a specific area. However, their power is based on the current Rebirth and not on the tier. The rough location of these daily Brutals is described in the second tab of the Brutal's menu. The daily system offers two rewards in addition to the normal fight rewards :

  • Killing streak : for each consecutive daily brutal defeated, you gain a 25% bonus to XP gain for Brutal kills, that stacks each day.
  • Reward box : after defeating the seventh daily Brutal, you can open the chest found in the daily Brutal's menu. It contains gold as well as some shards (120 shards and 5000 gold on Normie).

See Daily Brutals for a list of the possible foes you'll have to face.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • The best way to find daily Brutal is to go to the town that is nearest to the daily Brutal's location. Open all Farseer barrels there. There is a high chance to get a boost to the wild Brutal probability for 45 minutes. This bonus stacks with Daemon Call, which helps you find your daily Brutal even faster.
  • Use the Creature Lure potion.
  • Rat Eater is only accessible after completing the quest "Rats", which demand for 20 sacrificial rats. This quest is initiated by interacting with the Unholy Tree found in north-east of Borewood. Common location for rat hunt includes, but not limited to, the following area: