Captain Angmar

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Captain Angmar

Captain Angmar is one of the first characters the player meets in Vampire's Fall: Origins. He is in charge of the Vamp’Ire Militia and recruits the player to defend the town.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- The First Recruit

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

A new recruit. How lovely. Absolutely fantastic. Nothing can stop us now that you are here. Armies will tremble before you.
You don't even have a weapon do you? *Sigh* Bloody new recruits...I have a few weapons for sale. Take a look at these ones.
Let's equip that weapon.
Like all soldiers before you, your first opponent will be a terrifying rat. Why a rat you ask? Well, if you can't kill a rat, you can't kill anything else either.
You killed a rat Our saviour has arrived!
Wait a second, you actually managed to get bit by the rat? Good job recruit! Now follow the road out of the village, past the weapon stand, and find Sava Savanovic. He can heal that wound before it...
Bloody new recruits. Running around everywhere
You took bloody long time healing up recruit. You think it's a joke being a soldier?
I will now have to punish you. Run five laps around the city wall...wait...what is that sound?
Me? No no no...I'm old, my back is sore and my leg hurts. Player just defeated a beast when he helped Sava. Yes, Player must be our best warrior. Send out Player, quickly!
The rat was tough eh? Try again.