Charles Mackie

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Charles Mackie

Charles Mackie is a man in Delphi, located in the east of the village. He wants you to stop the constant rain plaguing the village.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- It's Always Raining In Delphi

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Tis' always raining in our village. Everything is wet. Me underwear is soaking. Me wares are always bathing in water. I'm tired of this damn rain.
It's our own fault. A sorceress helped us put up four rain stones that draw water from the ground and makes it pour down over us.
The forests have changed since the water stones were put there. Monsters are lurking behind every tree. We are farmers and we can't wander into the forest anymore. If you scrape away the runes the rain should stop. Can you do this?
Thank you! Hurry if you can. We are kind of dying.
hrm hrm hrm
The sun is shining! Tis' wonderful news. Can you feel the sun on your skin? It's warm. It's bright. It' it supposed to tingle like this?
Fricken' hell! I just remembered why we asked the sorcerer to make it rain. We have a skin condition in this village. We don't tolerate the sun.'s burning. Would you kindly find the sorceress and see if she can help us again? She used to live in a tent not far west from here.
Thank you.
The sun is not tingling anymore. You look a bit troubled by the sun though.
I have this taste of iron in my mouth. Almost like it's full of blood. How strange. Could you please get me the tusks from five rust boars? They are supposed to dissolve iron, They could get rid of the taste in my mouth. Their nest is south-west of here. Let me mark it on your map.
Mhmm...that iron taste is gone from my mouth. Life is perfect now. Don't you agree stranger?
Some rain wouldn't hurt though. Maybe I should try to find the sorceress again.