Council Member Marko

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Council Member Marko

Council Member Marko is a man in Kamengrad. He is a member of the Kamengrad Council and remains with the rest of the Council in the Council building.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

What, who is this? No one should disturb us.
You have said enough now! We have nothing to do with his atrocious deeds. We want nothing more than a safe and calm land.
We know very little of him. Secrecy was his game. He didn't even live here in Kamengrad. but in an old building at a bit to the north. Maybe your best bet is to start looking there. It is in ruins now though. People call it Kamengrad Ruins.
You. Outsider. We need your help. The scrolls of the Abyss can be found at the Library of Shade. Go, find the library and bring here the scrolls of the Abyss. Let no one know what you are up to. This must be kept a secret.