Council Member Tina

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Council Member Tina is a woman in Kamengrad. She is a member of the Kamengrad Council and remains with the rest of the Council in the Council building.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Witchmaster came from nowhere. He was not called Witchmaster then. Kept to himself, but he showed tremendous ability to learn things...not common to man. He quickly climbed to the ranks of our council, and just as quickly he disappeared.
You have the scroll. Excellent. Let's see.
Here. Look! If we summon a creature from the Abyss, it is bound to help us with one thing that we demand. A creature from The Abyss must know how to stop The Witchmaster. Although look at all the ingredients needed.
Euhm, outsider. We need more from you.
We need something that has been in the abyss. According to one of my students, there is a rat that was once used in a ritual that went into the abyss and then returned. Find it. I'll mark the location on your map where it was last seen.
If you can get hold of the blood from the first body you drank blood from that would help strengthen the bond to the abyss.
Lastly there are some...let's call them various ingredients that can be found in the Woodland Markets. If you know the right people anything can be found. Look for my contacts and you should find what we need.
Let's start then. Mix everything up in this cauldron. Like so. And then we just put the mix in a circle on the ground.
Come forth creature of The Abyss. Do our bidding and we will set you free.