Deputy Maria

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Deputy Maria

Deputy Maria is the Deputy of Vamp’Ire. She is usually responsible for dealing with drunks and rats who grow too big. She will send the player on a quest to slay two farmers who had gone crazy. She can also be given the package the player is given by Ulric instead of the guard beyond Sava Savanovic's house. She dies in the Witchmaster's raid on the town.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Clearing The Fields

- The Package

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greetings new recruit!
I am the deputy of this village. To be honest, that usually means taking care of drunk people and fighting off rats when they get too big.
Yes, we've had problems with some crazy farmers outside the village. Don't know if it's something in the water or the fear of Witchmasters Army that drives them crazy.
Find two and take care of them. They were last seen in the farm just south of our village, but you can run into them anywhere outside the village wall. Help me and I'll throw a few coins your way.
Great job player! Thank you for you help.
Thank you recruit. I'll put it on my desk and...look at it later.