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Master Of Hex[edit | edit source]

Master of hex.jpg

Master of Hex Comands. Master of Hex banishes. Master of Hex curses.
  • Your next enemy will be weaker!
  • The guardian of this dungeon will be weaker!
Master of Hex Comands. Master of Hex banishes. Master of Hex curses. All your enemies on this dungeon level and the next will be damaged.
Master of Hex Comands. Master of Hex banishes. Master of Hex curses. Your next enemy will be stronger!
Master of Hex Comands. Master of Hex banishes. Master of Hex curses. Your next enemy will have thorns!
Master of Hex Comands. Master of Hex banishes. Master of Hex curses. This and next dungeon level will have no sudden encounters. They will be empty!

Shaman[edit | edit source]

A shaman lives in the cave. She looks pleased.[edit | edit source]

Pleased shaman.jpg

Ah. This is a good day. Let me bless you. Should I bless your weapon or your armor?
  • weapon (sharpen)
  • armor (fortify)

A shaman lives in the cave. She looks angry.[edit | edit source]

Angry shaman.jpg

This is a terrible day! What are you even doing here? I'll bless your next opponent. Should it get thorns or get stronger?

Talisman[edit | edit source]


I couldn't manage to reach the chest at the bottom. Here...take this talisman. It will keep you safe from one sudden cave encounter.

Talisman 2.jpgThe talisman around your neck vibrates. There is a creature waiting for you in the cave. Throw the talisman into the cave and avoid the fight?

Gold[edit | edit source]

Soldier[edit | edit source]

Gold encounter 1.jpg

I need to see blood. My sword is starving. Will you fight me if I pay you with gold? Please feed my sword.

Coins on the ground[edit | edit source]

Gold encounter 2.jpgA few measly coins on the ground, left in a hurry. Are they even worth picking up?

Sack of coins[edit | edit source]

Gold encounter 3.jpgSomeone tried to hide a sack of coins in between those two rocks. They didn't do a very good job. Take it?

Lost soldier[edit | edit source]

Gold encounter 4.jpgA seemingly lost soldier is asleep at a camp fire. He has a heavy coin bag in his belt. Try taking some coins?

  • the more you take the bigger is the chance to trigger a fight

Cursed gold bag[edit | edit source]

Gold encounter 5.pngA heavy bag of gold is put on a pedestal, enscribed with ancient symbols. It looks cursed.

  • taking this gold will give you focus, focus regen, dodge and armor debuffs for the next two fights

Whisper from the darkness[edit | edit source]

Xp 4.jpg A whisper from the darkness.

There is no such thing as an empty cave. Every empty cave is hiding gold....somewhere.

Nothing but the wind.jpg Nothing but the wind (And some gold!)

Healing[edit | edit source]

Potion dealer[edit | edit source]

Healing.jpgA tiny figure with a huge grin on his face meets you in the cave. There is a potion in his hand.

Being the only potion dealer in these caves has its advantages. Supply and demand, my friend.

Lesser blood vial[edit | edit source]

Healing 2.jpg

It's too late for me. Here take my last potion. Only you can reach the end of this damned maze.

Full HP[edit | edit source]

Healing 3 (2).jpg

Come close, my child. Drink the blood. Let the life of othersflow through you

Campfire[edit | edit source]

Healing 4.jpgA campfire. This looks like a good place to rest and regain some health. As long as there are no creatures lurking in the dark.

  • there is a small chance to trigger a fight if you decide to rest

Experience[edit | edit source]

Old man[edit | edit source]

Xp 1.jpgA tired old man is sitting on a dirty grey rock.

My legs won't carry me any further. Will you sit down and listen to a story from an old man?

Stone[edit | edit source]

Xp 2.jpgA stone with inscriptions is standing in front of you. A faint light is shining from within the stone.

Angel statue[edit | edit source]

Xp 3.jpgAn angel statue stands before you. An inscription reads:

Blood from the wise will make the wise even wiser

Extra xp[edit | edit source]

Xp 4.jpg

Let me show you a cave trick

A voice from the empty cave surprises you.

The experiences you get from the caves will be worth double. It won't affect battle experience though!

What just happened?

Poisonous cloud[edit | edit source]

Poisonous cloud.jpg

A poisonous cloud is rising from the swampy cave floor. It fills your lungs.

Skinwalkers[edit | edit source]

Skinwalkers.jpgThe cave seems empty. When you turn around to leave two skinwalkers are standing in front of you. The bigger one is blocking the cave exit, but you could try to run past it. Killing the small one will scare the big one.

Cages[edit | edit source]


The world is full of cages isn't it? You never know what it may contain, or if you are the one in the cage. Open one of the cages. Fight your destiny


Inside the cave you can see the outline of something lurking inside. It might come with you... With some persuasion.
  • Tame the Beast. (Fight the Cave Familiar)
  • Leave it be.

Dice[edit | edit source]

Dice.jpgA sinister laughter echos through the cave.

Take a chance! Roll the dice!

Quick loot[edit | edit source]

Quick loot.jpgThere was a battle in this cave. You can feel heavy footsteps, from inside the cave, shake the stone floor. You have time for a quick loot. What will you try to take?

  • gold, potions, item

Dragonlings[edit | edit source]

Dragonlings.jpgYou step right into the nest of a dozen Dragonlings. They all flee on sight. You can try to catch one.

  • golden
  • keeper
  • wise

Blood[edit | edit source]

Blood.jpgThe cave responds to your power. There is a hum of energy; it's like a song coming from the rocks. Blood starts pouring from them.

  • touch the blood (xp)
  • drink the blood (HP)
  • bottle the blood (potion)
  • set the blood on fire (bloodstones)

Bats[edit | edit source]


Bats! Aren't they cute? Yes! Bats for everyone! Do you want some bats?

Trap door[edit | edit source]

Trap door.jpg

Psst, hey you! I found a trap door. I'm heading down. Wanna come with me?

Farseer barrel[edit | edit source]

Farseer barrel.jpgA forgotten Farseer barrel containing a few shards.

Bloodstones[edit | edit source]


A fight took place here. It seems like there are no survivors. In the middle of it all, there is a tiny chest with bloodstones.

Guardian Of Stone[edit | edit source]

Guardian of stone.jpgA guardian of stone stands alone in the cave.

Touch my sword and you will see how it feels to be a guardian of stone.
  • Touching it will give you Hibernate buff (inmune to all damage for 3 turns).

Devs gifts[edit | edit source]

Devs gifts.jpgThe devs appear out of thin air.Carrying gifts.


Gifts? Euhm. Gold? Yes! All the gold I can spare.


How about that Dragon Kidney Sword?


Get me away from the idiots. You'll get this bag.

Hurt man[edit | edit source]

Hurt man.jpg

You look like a good person. May I please have a healing potion from you? I'm hurt!

Step into the darkness[edit | edit source]

Step into darkness.jpg

Vampire, you do not have the skills to reach your destiny. Step into the darkness. Be reborn as a highly skilled vampire.
  • 1 legendary bloodline point or 1 level

Nothing but the wind[edit | edit source]

Nothing but the wind.jpg Nothing but the wind.

Shards[edit | edit source]

Shards chest.jpgA chest containing a bunch of shards. Jackpot!

Armorer[edit | edit source]


Give me your armor! I'll fortify it for you. It'll help you get rid of all the evil that's lurking in the deep.
  • fortify
Give me your weapon! I'll sharpen it for you. It'll help you get rid of all the evil that's lurking in the deep.
  • sharpen
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
  • item

Hooded figure[edit | edit source]

Hooded figure.jpg A hooded figure dwells in the dark. A scale with gold, bloodstones and darkshards stands in front of him.

Life seeks balance. Absence is as forbidden as abundance. What do you choose?
  • take all three
  • take gold
  • take bloodstones
  • take darkshards