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About[edit | edit source]

Dungeons is a new feature added with the 1.6 game update. There is total of 12 dungeons which can be completed multiple times and The Endless Dungeon which is infinite. They can be accessed through the Marid's stone, but before that each one must be visited and interacted with.

Entering any of the dungeons requires a certain amount of the Bloodstones to pay a fee.

Dungeons are the only place where the new set items can be earned. Drops, same as all Dungeon encounters, are completely random. Legendary Bloodline points can as well be earned in every dungeon, except The Endless Dungeon.

Each of the dungeons has a certain number of the depths. As you going deeper in the dungeon mobs are getting stronger, have more hp, deal more damage.

Dungeons can be classified by difficulty. Lower bloodstone cost dungeons are easier to complete. Some of the dungeons have rebirth requirements for entry and some are available only during the Bloodmoon event. Mainland dungeons have no rebirth requirements.

Dungeons list (from easy to hard)[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Rebirth requirement
Hunter's Demise 4 None
Dreary Stairs 6 None
Buried ruins of Aendisea 12 None
Born of Blood (available only during the Bloodmoon event) 9 None
The Tunnels of Easthaven 16 None
Tomb of the Fallen 20 None
Watcher's Maze 9 Painful
The Hidden Bog 20 Horror
The Mountains Secret 28 Nightmare
The Soul of Darkness (available only during the Bloodmoon event) 30 Nightmare
Remains of the Titans 25 Hell
Netherworld 32 Infernum
  • The Endless Dungeon has no rebirth requirements, entry costs 15 bloodstones each time you enter. Progress is saved for every 10 depths and difficulty increases with the number of cleared depths.