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Ella is a woman in Westwood Farm, located at the northern part of the farm. She wants your help with freeing the farm from a stupidity curse. She is quite stupid (like most in Westwood Farm) and thinks Yorkshire is real place and is a good place to study!

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Curse of Westwood Farm

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

An out-of-towner! Welcome to the Westwood Farm, could you help us honest farmers with something?
Ah, oh, Okay.
Thank you out-of-towner.
We farmers have been here in Westwood farm for ages. Minding our own business and sowing our crops. What most people who come here don't know is that we are cursed. A curse as old as the farm.
The curse makes us slow mindedm some would even call us stupid. The curse is placed inside a stone, on the secret meadow in the forest south of Avan. Find it and release the curse so that we may be....
Hello out-of-towner.
You...you have lifted the curse? I think I can feel it.
Sweet, so I can drink milk now? Even better!.
Well, then we have to live on with the curse I guess..
Thank you, maybe I should go to Yorkshire and study?