Farseer Hans-eer

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Farseer Hans-eer

Farseer Hans-eer is a man standing in the central plaza of Avan. He belongs to the Farseer Fellas and he has a dislike for the Order of Eye-less though he will stay professional even if you affiliate yourself with them.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Hans-eer stands before thee, missionary of the Farseer Fellas. I assume you have come to receive a vision?
But first I must ask, you are not affiliated with the Eye-Less Order are you?
In that case, I wish I could ask you to leave. The Farseer Fellas will never forget when the eye-less gave wrong directions to Overseer Oscar. However I must do my job.
Of course, decent men have nothing to do with Eye-Less Order.
Can I offer you a vision? In exchange for your time, I will give you one of these barrels.
There is another way for those who are willing to give their support. Let me show you.
I'm afraid I have no more barrels. Please come back after midnight and I should have a few more in stock.