God Brutals

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God Brutals, Gods of Brutals or sometimes simply Gods are a group of three especially powerful Brutals that can be found inside the Brutal Catacombs, between Hayville and the Lake of Nyssa.

Where the three God Brutals sleep

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

These three Brutals share some traits with other Brutals :

  • Just like guard Brutals, they can be found by interacting with a map element that is always in the same place. In addition, a fight with a God Brutal cannot be fled, only forfeited.
  • Just like wild Brutals (and the Rat Tree), they cannot be fought before certain conditions are met.
  • They will also drop unique capes named after them, as well a vast amount of experience and gold.

However, the God Brutals are different for three reasons :

  • To fight a God Brutal, all of his Brutals must be defeated.
  • God Brutals are a serious step-up from Brutals and should not been taken lightly.
  • Their death often represents the endgame goal and is a good standard to see if you are ready for the next rebirth.

The three gods[edit | edit source]