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Head of The Village Vaso

Head of The Village Vaso Varanger is the leader of Avan. He is the brother of Arvid Varanger and son of Danijel Varanger. For most of the game that he is referenced in, he is not on the map. For the brief time he is available, he can be found in front of his manor in the town square, to the right of Second-in-Command Archil. He spends most of his time grieving his son Nicholas who the Hunters believe disappeared in the forests while hunting. In reality, Vaso gave him to the Witchmaster as a sacrifice so that he wouldn't raid Avan. When you help in the search, Vaso tries to have you killed by the Hooded Brotherhood. He asks Tsisana to give you a potion to weaken you but instead she strengthens you. He then decides to try and kill you himself, which he fails to do. His last words were for you to find his son.


- Origins


I've heard that you are helping in looking for my son. Thank you. The rumors have already reached me that the person you killed in Westwood Farm mentioned a brotherhood paying him to attack the wagon.
The only brotherhood in these woods are the Hooded Brotherhood. I'm certain that they have kidnapped my son. Please, find their headquarters and attack them. My son must be there.
My scout has said they have set up base straight west from here. Before you go there, visit Tsisana The Porion Maker. She has a potion for you to make you stronger.?
Why did you have to come to Avan Player?
Stupid Archil, why did he have to bring you into my son's disappearance? Why couldn't he let everything be?
That damn Witchmaster! DON'T MENTION HIM. HE TOOK MY SON!
I was just trying to do the right thing. That damn Witchmaster. I met him here, right where we are standing now. He told me...he told me that he needed a person...for some kind of ritual.
He said...that either I give up my son or he will let his army destroy Avan. I had no choice.
Of course I didn't. I don't need you to tell me that.
The Village cannot know I gave up my son. I would be forced to leave my role as Head of The Village. That must not happen. I paid the Hooded Brotherhood to take the blame.
I tried to convince Tsisana to give you a weakening potion so the brotherhood could kill you easily. Instead, she seemed to have made you stronger. There is only one way out now, I have to kill you...
I have failed everyone. Please, find my son...