Holy Fredrich of the Sun

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Holy Fredrich of the Sun

Holy Fredrich of the Sun is a man at the church east of Avan. He is a healer and holy man for the Church of the Sun. He wants to bring the bones of Abram back to the church, claiming that he belongs there as he was a member of the church.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Buried Bones

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Blessings stranger. Are you in need of healing from the sun?
You have been healed.
We are the ones devoted to the eternal and never dying sun. In these dark days the sun is the only thing we can trust to never go away.
Yes, sadly a member of my church passed away recently. The sun will never shine on him anymore. Even worse is that his soul is not resting under the eternal sun here at the church. Instead his family...
...buried him far from our church.
I need you to bring his bones back to us. Could you do that for us?
That's unfortunate.
Thank you. I know where his body is buried, but his grave is protected by his family aura. Find and talk to his sister, his best friend, and his neighbor. That should give you enough contact to be...
...able to bypass the aura. You only need to say a few words and it will be enough. His name is Abram. His neighbor lives close to the market, his friend lives close to the blacksmith and his sister...
...lives somewhere in the southern parts of Avan.
Well done my friend. Abrams grave will without doubt open itself to you now. If you take the road to south west you will see graveyard. Find his grave and get his bones. Get back here when it's...
Traitor. Need Healing?
Ah, his bones. Thank you for bringing it here. The Church of the Sun will not forget.