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There are many stories about the origin of the name Kamengrad.
~ Teacher in Dark Arts

The town of Kamengrad is located in the northwest of the Kingdom. It is a university town that specializes in magic and is ruled by the Kamengrad Council.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kamengrad was founded sometime in the past and is home to the Kamengrad University, the premier university in all of the Kingdom. It is ruled by the Kamengrad Council, an oligarchy made up of university professors. This town was where the Witchmaster cultivated his powers and he is responsible for the Kamengrad Ruins to the east of town. Unknown to most, the Kamengrad Council assisted the [[Witchmaster in his dark dealings and that is the reason the devastation he has wrought has not reached the town yet.

The town has several stores and places of interest. A Potion Maker named Mirjana can be found in the south, a healer named Almost Dr Kylia can be found in the central plaza in the north, a Farseer named Rob-eer is also in the central plaza in the south, and the local Blacksmith is located in the north of town.

There are multiple places of interest such as the central plaza that includes Kamengrad University which is currently closed off for the Kamengrad Council and a beautiful central fountain, a tavern at the southwest entrance, a small tower belonging to the local Potion Maker, and a Vampire Lair can be found in the southeast.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

- Master the Hunt Part 2

- Last Wish

- The Ruins of Aendisea

- Iron Mines

- Lost Book Box

- Sign the Book

- Shapeshifter Among Us

Characters[edit | edit source]

- Council Member Tina

- Council Member Tamara

- Council Member Marko

- Council Member Gordan

- Council Member Danijel

- Professor Ozin

- Master Hunter Lav

- Tomislav

- Ljubica

- Ervin

- Morana

- Felix

- Attila Andersson

- Farseer Rob-eer

- Kamengrad Blacksmith

- Mirjana

- Almost Dr Kylia

- Ben

- Benjamin

- Byron

- Carla

- Erik

- Helen

- Henrietta

- Holzera

- Jimbob

- Joelz

- Larso the Reader

- Marcus

- Mulk

- Nila

- Spear Holder Holka

- Professor Korlz

- Professors

- Students

- Hunters

- Guards

- Farmers

- Drunks

- Unnamed Citizens