Master Hunter Ketevan

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Master Hunter Ketevan

Master Hunter Ketevan is the local Master Hunter in Avan and she is located on the western side of the central plaza. She will task you with killing three Wolf Beast, one Stalker Beast and the Grim Beast. When you complete her quest, she will spray you with Waffelflower so that the Mother of Wolves can find you easier. She will also refer you to the next Master Hunter, which is Master Hunter Lav in Kamengrad.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Master the Hunt

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Master Hunter Ketevan to your service. How may I help?
As far as I am concerned, without hunting, there is no Avan. The first person in Avan was a hunter and the last person in Avan will be a hunter. It's how we make our living and it's how we live our... There is no place in this world where you will find as fine hunters as here.
All kinds of monster and beasts are lurking in the woods. If you are looking for the Wolf Beast it can be found anywhere around Avan. It's more common in the south though. Last I heard about that...
...rare Stalker Beast was that it was seen north of Avan
You can only teach yourself how to hunt. However, I can tell you what to hunt so you can teach yourself. Lets begin with some small prey. Kill three Wolf Beasts. They can be found anywhere in the woods...
...around Avan
Fine start. A true hunter needs both patience and strength. Find and kill a Stalker Beast. They are rarer than the Wolf Beast so be patient.
Impressive. Let's go for the big hunt. Find the lair of the Grim Beast. There is a mountain to the west of here. On the mountain side facing Avan the beast has it's lair in a cave.
Well done. There is more to you than meets the ye. You are destined for greater things than the woods of Avan. Find Master Hunter Lav in Kamengrad. He can teach you more.
I believe that I also can let you in on secret. Maybe you have seen her, the beast they call The Mother of Wolves. She would be a worthy challenge for you. I will spray you some scent of waffelflower on She will find you more easily now.