Master Hunter Lav

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Master Hunter Lav

Master Hunter Lav is the local Master Hunter in Kamengrad and he is located in the north next to the Blacksmith. He will task you with killing five Lesser Dark Spirits, three Dark Spirits and the Dark Boar Spirit. When you complete his quest, he will put lib balm on you so that Xaphxan the Invisible can find you easier. He will also refer you to the next Master Hunter, which is Master Hunter Hakan in Easthaven.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Master the Hunt - Part 2

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

My name is Master Hunter Lav. How may I be of service?
We don't have the same hunting tradition as Avan. The tradition in Kamengrad is more of the academic nature. We are a few hunters that moved from Avan to Kamengrad since the competition here is not as brutal as the woods around Avan.
Can I help you??
If you are looking to hunt spirits and other dark creatures, you've come to the right place. The old ruins north have all kinds of weird creatures lurking. To the south there are mostly boars. Don't wander to far south in the forest, weird noises and huge beasts have been spotted there. Just keep out of there.
Master Hunter Ketevan sends his her regard, so you are ready to get trained by me. The darkness in the world is spreading, so hunting spirits is something we all learn. Find and kill 6 lesser spirits in the Kamengrad Ruins. They are actually even more common in the forest around the Kamengrad Ruins.
Splendid. Let's kill some more spirits. Those loathsome dark spirits are spreading from the Kamengrad Ruins. They have even inhabited some of the houses in the ruins. Kill three of those pesky spirits.
Scary that the spirits are getting so far from The Kamengrad Ruins. Dark times are ahead of us. I will give you one more challenge before you have mastered the hunt of spirits. I have received several reports about a spirit taken control of a boar. It's been sighted for a few times in The Dreary Mire.
Masterful! Ketevan was right, there is indeed something special in your skill-set. I'm unable to teach you further. Travel to Easthaven and find Master Hunter Hakan. He will know what hunts to send you out on.
I will also put this lip balm on you. There is this invisible spirit roaming the ruins called Xaphxan The Invisible. This lip balm will drive him crazy. He is still very shy so don't expect to find him easily, but it will be a bit more easy now.