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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Many Monsters appear in Vampire's Fall: Origins, and slaying them one of the easiest ways to quickly gain gold and experience. There are X kinds of enemies who can be divided in three types : the common enemies who are mainly found through random encounters, unique enemies who often pertain to a quest and are generally stronger than their common version, and the terrifying Brutals.
While some opponents are actual humans, "monster" is the term used to refer to anything that can be fought.

Monster Groups[edit | edit source]

A Monster is always more or less based on some sort of template that determines their appearance and behavior : animals, humans, spirits, trolls... See Monster Groups for a list of the existing groups.

Monster Types[edit | edit source]

Apart from their appearance, a monster can be categorized in three types depending on their rarity :

  • Common monsters, also called basic monsters or wild monsters, are the monsters that plague the Kingdom's lands wherever you go. The more you progress in the game, the tougher they become. They are almost exclusively found in random encounters.
  • Unique monsters are stronger versions that have their own name and often use special moves in addition to their base set. They are often encountered during Quests.
  • Brutals are the strongest creatures in existence. When a fight with a brutal is started, you will know it by the ominous loading screen that says "Preparing for slaughter". See Brutal for more information.
  • The Abyss Incarnate is its own special thing.
  • Dragonlings. Give nice rewards when killed. Fairly rare and come in several flavours.

Monster Stats[edit | edit source]

All monsters possess the following characteristics:

  • they have an HP bar that you need to lower to zero in order to win the fight
  • they have at least one attack, often more
  • they have set resistances and weaknesses to the damage types you can deal
  • a specific monster will always give you the same amount of gold and experience (not including bonuses from Rebirth).

See the Rat page for an example of those characteristics.

Monster Location[edit | edit source]

Every kind of monster has at least one location where you can be sure to eventually find them:

  • Common monsters will attack you when you cross their territory, like the Stalker Beast who lives in the forest around Avan.
  • Unique monsters will be available to you: when you finish the relevant quest step, as an optional fight to advance a quest or even as the the main goal required to finish a quest.
  • Brutals can either be found at random or by interacting with a specific map location. See the Brutal article for more information on how to find them.