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This article's content has mainly be found or created by the community. You may help us too by filling in the gaps or reporting incorrect information in the Talk:Monster Groups section.

This page is here to list the existing monsters, sorted by common traits. This can sometimes be as simple as sorting them by species, but sometimes the main difference is in their attack types or animation set. For most purposes, only the main groups should be useful to the average player. But if you're interested in more detailled categories, feel free to expand one of the sub-groups !

  • Please note that some monsters are based on more than one group, such as the Witchmaster Soldier variant that uses two axes like the Swampdwellers do. For example, if you find a hooded guy that is using a sword instead of a staff and dagger, please don't create a new sub-group and just place it in one of the two existing ones.
  • Please do not add entries for unique enemies, like Vaso or the Bane, whose animations and design can still be linked to an existing group. Even very special-looking creatures like the Gods can be categorized in one or more group.
  • Don't confuse "often" and "always". Some rat-like enemies may be resistant to Blunt even though most of them don't, and so on. This is not a strategy page : please go to the article on a specific monster if you want reliable info on a particular enemy.

Some sub-groups, especially the ones inside the Humanoid group, are missing or have only minor differences between them. If you notice something like that, please document your change (at least leave a few words in the Discussion tab of this article).

Due to the sheer amount of different enemies that exist, the sub-group lists are collapsed by default.

Beast[edit | edit source]

There are many wild creatures in the Kingdom and they are often feral, attacking anyone who passes through their territory on sight. Frequent traits are : good dodge, not resistant to fire, and deals only slashing or piercing damage.

Beasts are usually brownish fur and round face that wears a many-teethed grin, with few exceptions (crawlers, trolls). They like to reduce the playe'rs resistances and are often weak to bleed. They share a lot of their resistances with the Wolf sub-group.


Wolf[edit | edit source]

Greyish fur and a more pointy face than beasts, often salivating. They like to reduce the player's dodge, and are often afraid of fire. They share a lot of their resistances with the Beast sub-group.

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Protector
Kaarja Wolf
Mother of Wolves
Ruin Dweller
Seeker Beast
Stalker Beast
War Wolf
Wolf Beast

Rat[edit | edit source]

It looks like a rat and it bites, which does Piercing damage. Not exactly potion-making science.

Giant Blue Rat
Monstrous Rat
Rat King
Sacred Rat

Boars[edit | edit source]

Brown fur, tusks, and weird tip-tapping movement animation. Does mainly Piercing damage.

Large Wild Boar
Rust Boar
Spirit Boar
Tusk Trio
Wild Boar

Crawler[edit | edit source]

Crawlers are repulsive beasts with gangly limbs and a bloated belly who wear primitive attire. Common traits are : high dodge, ranged attacks that do Piercing damage and really, really creepy movement animations. TODO : Add a list here for unmasked crawlers like Vaso's Son.

  • Masked crawler
Borewood Crawler
Lesser Swamp Crawler
Rat Eater
  • Veiled crawler
Abyss Incarnate
Darkness Demon
Protector of Soil
Aendisea's Bane

Troll[edit | edit source]

Trolls are big hulking things that have bad hair and wield clubs. Common traits are : rock throws, high health, heals per turn, low dodge and weakness to poison.

  • Armored troll
Armored Troll
  • Forest troll
Borewood Troll
Forest Troll
  • Rock troll
Cave Dweller
Protector of Soil
Shadowvalley Rock Troll

Dragonling[edit | edit source]

Serpent-like flying creatures, often vulnerable to Dark and Blunt. Common traits are : average dodge and ranged magical attacks.

Golden Dragonling
Keeper Dragonling
Wise Dragonling

Humanoid[edit | edit source]

A good third of the enemies in the game are humans or humanoid. Note that all three Gods belong in one of these sub-groups, but their combat behaviour and stats are obviously different.

Farmer[edit | edit source]

Looks poor and has a pitchfork. Doesn't like poison or bleed.

Crazy Farmer
Crops Captain

Swamp People[edit | edit source]

Has a naked, mud-smeared torso, and often wields two short axes. Frequently has a focus-lowering ability.

Dreary Mire Dweller
Ruin Dweller
Shadowvalley Swampdweller
Swamp Devoter
Swamp Leader
Swamp Warrior

Soldier (leather)[edit | edit source]

Has a weird conic hat and a sword. Almost always weak to poison.

Bridge Bandit
Deserter Sergent
Mountain Bandit
Swamp Soldier

Soldier (plate)[edit | edit source]

Shiny stuff. Often with one or two axes, sometimes also a majestic beard. Mostly members of the Witchmaster's army. Never resists Lightning and sometimes has magical ranged abilities.

Witchmaster Captain
Witchmaster Guard
Witchmaster Heavy Soldier
Witchmaster Lieutenant
Witchmaster Scout
Witchmaster Soldier

Hunter[edit | edit source]

You can actually see this guy's head! Except for Xapxhan. Wears cool leather and has some sort of wrist crossbow. Never resists Blunt and often has high dodge.

Adventure Killer
Arvid Varanger
Bloodthirsty Vampire Hunter
Hunter Killer
God of the Wild
Vampire Hunter

Garlic fools[edit | edit source]

Basically a Hunter that wears black, has little white garlic braids that hang from their body, and deal weak magical damage instead of piercing.

Should maybe be moved to the Hunter sub-group, except the Garlic Cult guys have very distinct ornaments on their hunter clothes and have different resistances.

Garlic Cult Fanatic

Hooded guys with two weapons[edit | edit source]

They have a cool cape with a hood. They wield a staff or a sword and a dagger, or sometimes two swords instead. When they know how to do ranged stuff, they like to charge a magical attack for a full round.

Ancient Guardian
Brother of the Hooded Brotherhood
Cave Smuggler
God of Brutals
God of Guard
Hooded brother
Hooded Fighter
Hooded Figure
Night Stalker
Riddler of Enigma
Swamp Dealer

Spirit[edit | edit source]

Spirits are often used to portray phantom or demon monsters. They look spooky and float in the air. They mostly do magical ranged attacks with the occasional melee.

Red Spirit[edit | edit source]

A rarer version of the black spirit. This variant has a lot of patterns in common with its common version.

Church Spirit
Dark Forest Spirit
Lesser Dark Spirit

Black Spirit[edit | edit source]

A faceless black figure.

Church Spirit
Dark Forest Spirit
Dark Spirit
Seals of Gont
Lesser Dark Spirit
Pillar Guard
Protector of Soil
Spirit Brothers

Spectre (Birdface)[edit | edit source]

A rare version of the black spirit that has a bird skull on top of its small eyes. Sometimes it has a weird dark line that looks like a sword made of shadows.

Church Spirit
Dream Stalker
Death's Advocate
Graveyard Spectre

Spectre (Ghostface)[edit | edit source]

A very rare version of the Spectre sub-group. It wears armor and has a sword and crown. Unless the other Spirits, this one does slashing damage instead of the normal blunt melee.

Abyss Being
Styx's Servant
Night Stalker

Unique monsters[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with Unique Enemies. This list is for enemies whose appearance, animations and/or behaviour has very little in common with the other groups.

  • Witchmaster : actually, the closest thing we have in terms of animations is the player's stance. Also the only enemy that has the audacity to do a T-pose.

Uncategorized enemies[edit | edit source]

Here is the list of enemies that are present in the game but have not been sorted into one of the groups above. If they are here, it's because Zassilis's memory failed him and he couldn't remember what they actually look like. Help him out by pasting their name into the relevant table above!

Beast of the Shadows
Cult Guard
Cult Leader
Headquarter Guard
Korach the smelly
Lord of Thieves
Lost Keeper
Wagon Guard