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Morana is a woman in Kamengrad in the west, near the town square. She is rather rude but wants your help getting a book signed so that it will gain a lot of value in the future. She also owns a small bird that can deliver packages.


- Last Wish


Hey, you. Ugly face. Just kidding. I got your attention didn't I?
Woah, you look like you want to kill me.
I need your help so don't kill me. I got this old book from my grandma, and I think it's quite valuable. It was authored by 7 professors that used to teach here in Kamengrad. If you get them to sign the book, it might be worth even more. I will pay you handsomely for each autograph you get.
Good day ugly face! Just kidding.
You are back! Let me give you a little extra something for finding them all.
By the way. You wonder how I manage to pay you right after each autograph?
Let's just say I got a small secret. A small secret bird that can follow people around and give them money. Did I say that out loud? Crapfishsticks.