Vampire's Fall: Origins Wiki

Origins is the main quest line in Vampire's Fall: Origins. You are faced with unexpected turn of events and sent out in to the world to seek revenge and power. This quest begins after the conclusion of The First Recruit.


Finding the Lost Son

- You begin in the remains of Vamp’Ire. Head past Sava's house towards where the Guards were.

- You will have to speak to Sava. Whether you bite him or not is your choice.

- Continue down the road until you reach the next town which will be Avan, passing by Petyr the Eye-less and the path to Marid.

- If you keep going straight, you will reach the central plaza and be confronted by a concerned citizen named Kristofs and he will refer you to Second-in-Command Archil.

- Archil will be in front of the big building to the north, talk to him. 20xp

- Light the fires marked on the map.

- Talk to Archil again. 40g

- Head down the south-east road until you come across the wagon.

- Follow the bloodstains and you eventually arrive in Westwood Farm.

- Head to the west part of the farm and talk to the Shady Figure.

- After killing the Shady Figure, head back to Archil and fill him in on the situation and get 100 g 60 exp

- Talk to Vaso.

- Head over to Tsisana in the east.

- Head to the Sacred Bush Circle to the northeast of town.

- Slay the Pillar Guard

- Head southwest to the Avan market.

- Drink from three Market Visitors. Most will refuse but four will accept.

- Head west towards the Hooded Brotherhood Headquarters.

- Slay the three Brothers of the Hooded Brotherhood

- Head back and speak to Archil. Rewarded 75g

- Head to Vaso behind the church.

Getting Approval

- Talk to Tsisana.

- Head up the north road out of Avan to Kamengrad. When you arrive you will earn 150 exp.

- Head to the south part of town. Professor Ozin can be found to the left of the Potion Maker Mirjana.

- Head to the university building next to the town square and talk to the Guard.

- Head to the Sacred Bush Circle north of Kamengrad.

- Head back to Professor Ozin to earn 100 exp.

- Head south of Kamengrad and talk to Jakov.

- Head south and battle three boars.

- Return to Jakov to earn 125 g and 250 exp

- Head to Sibila, south of the Kamengrad Ruins.

- Pick some Red Mushrooms. They are scattered around but one is due north of Sibila.

- Return to Sibila to earn 300 exp.

- Head to Barzel in North Kaarja. He is in the southwest of the village.

- Head east and defeat the North Kaarja Gang.

- Return to Barzel to earn 300 exp.

- Head to Adrijana in Dreary Mire.

- Either give her 100 gold or three Greater Blood Potions to earn 300 exp.

- Head back to Kamengrad and speak to the Guard in front of the Kamengrad Council building.

Searching for Answers

- Head inside the building an speak to the Kamengrad Council.

- Head to the Kamengrad Ruins and find clues. Known clues include the following: A Sword and Shield, three Stones, a Serafinox, a Blood_Stain, Wreckage of a wagon, and Wagon owner who is standing at the south of Kamengrad.


- Return to the council to earn 400 exp 125 gold.

- Head north to the Library of Shade.

- Speak to the three Keepers of the Shade.

- The Northern Keeper wants you to defeat him in combat.

- The Western Keeper wants you to pay him 150 g.

- The southern Keeper wants you to answer a riddle. The answer is charcoal.

- Interact with the Library door to gain the Scroll of the Abyss and earn 250 exp.

- Return to the Kamengrad Council for 500 exp and 150 g.

Tracking the Witch

- Head to Woodland Market.

- Talk to each Shady Trader, in the northeast, southeast, and southwest.

- Head south to Borewood

- Interact with a Dirt Pile (the one highlighted in red when stepped on) in the southwest and slay the Sacred Rat for 300 exp

- Head to Vamp'Ire.

- Kill the Vampire Hunters to earn 300 exp.

- Return and talk to the Kamengrad Council.

- Defeat the Shadow from The Abyss.

- Talk to the Shadow from The Abyss for 250 g 750 exp

To the East

- Head to Cahl's Creek Tavern.

- Talk to the Suspicious Man.

- Head north to Easthaven.

The Resistance

- Talk to the Quiet Man for 350 exp.

- Head north and slay the first Guard for 175 exp.

- Head east and slay the second Guard for 175 exp.

- Head further east and slay the third Guard for 175 exp.

- Head southwest and slay the fourth and final Guard for 175 exp.

- Return to the Quiet Man for 250 g and 175 exp.

Traitors Everywhere

- Talk to Arvid Varanger.

- Head to the Easthaven Docks.

- Talk to the eastern most Scout and earn 50 exp.

- Talk to the second Scout further east and earn 50 exp.

- Talk to the third Scout even further east and earn 50 exp.

- Talk to the fourth Scout just north and earn 50 exp.

- Head over to the shipment and give the all clear.

- Defeat the Traitors and earn 50 exp.

- Report back to Arvid Varanger for 150 g.

- Head southeast to Easthaven's bar and talk to the upper most Drunk.

- Head further southeast and talk to the man named Eerikki.

- Head south to the second circular valley from the bottom on the right in the Valley of Nyssa.

- Find the Seeker Beast and slay it.

- Return to Eerikki for 400 exp.

- Head back to the Resistance's Headquarters and pour the potion on the ground behind Arvid Varanger.

- Follow the trace to the southeast. The traitor is the Lonely Person.

- Either accept his deal for 200 gold or refuse it and slay him for 200 exp.

- Return to Arvid Varanger for 275 g and 350 exp.

Returning the Favor

- Head north, just above the northern Easthaven Blacksmith, and burn the supply wagon.

- Head west into Troldeskoven, to the land north of the river, and speak to one of the members of the squad troop at the encampment.

- Defeat the squad, there are 10 enemies to slay.

- Head south to the land west of the river, at the encampment and burn the supply wagon.

- Return east to Easthaven in the southeast part of town. Burn the supply wagon.

- Head south to Hayville and burn the next supply wagon.

- Head southeast to the northern entrance to Angel Fall Cemetery and burn the last supply wagon.

- Head west to Lonely Mans Tavern and talk to the Captain. Slay him.

- Return to Arvid Varanger for 375 g and 800 exp.

- Head south to the Resistance Camp to the right of the Brutal Catacombs, in the Valley of Nyssa.

- Talk to all the people in the camp and recruit them to the Resistance.

- Return to Arvid Varanger for 400 g and 250 exp.

- Head north to the first hideout just above the northern Blacksmith and talk to John.

- Head east to the next hideout just next to the Witchmaster's Headquarters.

- Head east to the next hideout in the northeastern corner of town, past Anna the Undoer.

Storming the Witch's Lair

- Head south to Hayville and talk to Arvid Varanger to earn 400 exp.

- Head north to Troldeskoven and slay the Weapon Guard in the southeast part.

- Burn the weapons for 400 exp.

- Head to the Witchmaster's Headquarters and talk to the Headquarter Guards. Slay them.

- Investigate the Headquarters to earn 800 exp.

- Defend yourself against Arvid Varanger.

- Investigate the Dead Guards for 400 exp.

Burn the Witch

- Head west to Mor Nyth for 250 exp.

- Talk to the Old Lady in the northwest of the village.

- Head south across the river and follow it west until you come across a stone covered in blood.

- Follow the blood trail west to the caves and slay the Skincrawlers.

- Return to the Old Lady for 375 g and 800 exp.

- Head east and say Melissa at the stone.

- Talk to the Witchmaster and defeat him in combat to earn 1500 g and 2500 exp.

- Either Kill the Witchmaster once and for all or spare him and lead his army as his commander.

Quest Log

Number Log
1 Travel to Avan
2 Find Information about The Witchmaster's army passing by Avan.
3 Walk straight from the fire in the center of Avan in each direction and find bonfires to light.

- Light the North Fire.
- Light the West Fire.
- Light the South Fire.
- Light the East Fire.

4 Talk to Second-in-Command-Archil again.
5 Follow the road to the south-east of Avan and investigate why the wagon is late.
6 Follow the blood trace from the wagon.
7 Find the person in Westwood Farm responsible for the wagon attack.
8 Report back to Second In Command Archil in Avan.
9 Talk to Vaso
10 Talk to Tsisana The Potion Maker and get the potion that will make you stronger. She owns the potion store.
11 - Drink blood from people at the market [#/3]

- Go to the sacred bush circle north-east of Avan and stand in the center of it for a couple of seconds. Examine what happens.

12 - Drink blood from people at the market [#/3]

- Go to the sacred bush circle north-east of Avan and stand in the center of it for a couple of seconds. Examine what happens.

13 Find the headquarters of the Hooded Brotherhood. Look west of Avan. Kill them all and free Nicholas.
14 Speak to Second-in-Command-Archil.
15 Vaso just found a clue about his sons disappearance. Meet him in the graveyard by the church.
16 Speak to Tsisana The Potion Maker again. See what information she has.
17 Journey to the University of Kamengrad to the north-west of Avan. Find Tsisanas friend Professor Ozin.
18 Find Professor Ozin.
19 - Go to the Council of Kamengrad.

- Go to the sacred bush circle just outside Kamengrad and stand in the center of it for a couple of seconds.

20 Return back to Professor Ozin.
21 Visit the former Council member Jakov.
22 Kill 3 Wild Boars in the leaf forest south of Kamengrad and Jakov's cabin. [#/3]
23 Return to Jakov.
24 - Get the approval from Sibila.

- Get the approval from Barzel.

- Get the approval from Adrijana.

25 Show the approval to the guard outside the council.
26 Go to the Council in Kamengrad
27 - Investigate the Kamengrad Ruins north of Kamengrad for information about the Witchmaster.

Min Info Required:
Current Info:
- Return to the Council when the information has been gathered.

28 Go to the Library of Shade and look for the scrolls of The Abyss
29 Find a way to enter the library building.
30 Return to the Council in Kamengrad.
31 Gather all ingredients for the ritual.

- Find the three shady traders in Woodland Market. [#/3]

- Kill the sacred rat that has been in The Abyss.

- Travel to Vamp'Ire and get blood from the first creature you drank from.

32 Return to the Council in Kamengrad.
33 Talk to the shadow from The Abyss.
34 Find the person the being from The Abyss was talking about. Search at Cahls Creek Tavern.
35 Find the resistance secret headquarters. Your password phrase should get the response "and the fish is the last one to bed".
36 - Kill the guard at the west guard post.

- Kill the guard at the east guard post.

- Kill the guard at the north guard post.

- Kill the guard at the south guard post.

37 Report that you have killed the guards.
38 Talk to Arvid Varanger.
39 - Get the report from the first scout.

- Get the report from the second scout.

- Get the report from the third scout.

- Get the report from the fourth scout.

40 Go to the ship and let them know its safe to unload the weapons.
41 Return to Arvid and tell him the resistance was betrayed.
42 Go to the bar and see if anyone mentions anything about more traitors.
43 See if the strange looking person in south-east Easthaven can help you find any traitors.
44 Find and kill a Seeker Beast.
45 Return to Eerikki.
46 Pour the potion on the ground outside the resistance headquarters.
47 Follow the trace.
48 Return to Arvid and tell him there was one more traitor and he is dead now.
49 - Set fire to army Supply Wagons [#/5]

- Kill two scouts in Troldeskoven. [#/2]

- Kill one captain.

- Kill the squad.

50 Return to Arvid.
51 Visit the camp and recruit people to the war [#/10].
52 Return to Arvid.
53 - Look for survivors in the city center.

- Look for survivors in the north-east.

- Look for survivors in the north-west.

54 Go to the resistance hideout. Speak with Arvid.
55 Find the weapons at the outpost. Kill any guards.
56 Burn the weapons.
57 Go to the headquarters in Easthaven and gain access to it.
58 Enter the headquarters.
59 Search for clues around the headquarters/
60 Travel to Mor Nyth.
61 Look for signs of the Witchmaster in Mor Nyth.
62 Follow the river south of Mor Nyth and see if you can find any dead fishes.
63 Kill the creatures in the cave. [#/3]
64 Return to the old lady in Mor Nyth.
65 Examine the old shed.
66 Kill the Witchmaster.