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  • Player is able to enter PVP after he reaches Marid's Lair of Duels.
  • Player can attain Rank on the Leaderboard starting at rank 19 and decreasing to rank 0 as the top of the Leaderboard (Rank 0 is the highest, with beginners starting at the Rank of 20
  • PVP combat is turn based and real time and it matches online people with similar Player level and Gear level.
  • If players with similar level are not found after several seconds the search increases allowed player level difference.
  • After a fight wining player receive fangs and losing player lose some.
  • When certain amount of fangs are obtained the Rank is decreased and fangs are reset to 0
  • In PVP players health is increased by multiple of (3) to increase length of the fight and prevent one-hit-kill scenarios
  • Although there is possibility to kill player in one Combo turn.
  • With the addition of the 1.6.182 update, PVP now has seasons, lasting 2 weeks.
  • Players are now rewarded experience points, gold, bloodstones and shards, as well as legendary bloodline points (rank 10 above) by the end of every PVP season. Amount varies with player rank.