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Creating new character

To begin the game, click "Start" and select "Empty Slot" to create a character. You will then be able to choose your character name and sex, as well as customize the appearance of your hero.

Second stage is to pick your Lineage which gives you specific bonus to your character. After that you can start the campaign.

Max level

as of v.1.6

  • Current max level is 100.

Player death

When the player reaches 0 HP he/she dies.
He/she respawns at nearest town, last town visited, or the last passage he/she went through.
Some gold amount is lost, proportional to a player's level.
Computation: Level * 30% = amount of gold lost

Respeccing / Resetting skills and abilities

  • In situations where you want to test different builds or you made a mistake with your Abilities and Bloodline choices you can "respec".
  • You can reset your points in Avan. Talk to Anna the Undoer northeast of the town center. It is marked with circled arrows on map.
  • She gives options to Reset All or Reset Legendary.
  • It costs 100gp / per level for standard bloodline points. (i.e. lvl 42 = cost 4200 gold pieces).
  • It costs 300gp / per legendary bloodline point invested, up to a cap of 41. (i.e. 3 legendary bloodline points = cost 900 gold pieces for Reset Legendary only or at level 63 = cost 7200 gold pieces for Reset All)
  • Resetting all costs is level x 100 + Lbl x 300
  • Reset only Lbls ~ Lbl x 300 ( Lbl cap at 41 )
  • 1.reset all
  • 2.reset only Lbl
  • Level 65, 10 Lbl
  • Level 90, 40 Lbl
  • Level 100, 60 Lbl
  • ( Lbl= Legendary Blood Line )
  • Other types of respec (using shards and bloodstones) are not recommended.