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This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!

My mind reaches farther beyond the worlds of others. It twists and twirls back into the history of your own world. If the seeker wishes, I may send him back within it, back into time. A Rebirth.
~ Marid

Intro[edit | edit source]

Through the otherworldly powers of Marid, a player who has completed certain requirements can travel through time and space to land back a few hours before Vamp'Ire fell at the hand of the Witchmaster's forces. While destiny cannot be changed, a player will find many advantages to this, as his enemies will grow stronger each time he undergoes a Rebirth... and their loot will get better as well. Note that the player will keep all resources including weapons and armor etc. The only progress that is reset is the main quest and the side quests.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

In order to qualify for these bumps in difficulty, the Player Character needs to fulfill two conditions :

Minimum Level for Rebirth
Rebirth Level
Normie 55+
Painful 62+
Horror 62+
Nightmare 69+
Hell 71+
Infernum 73+

Main Effects[edit | edit source]

With each Rebirth, monsters will get stronger and tougher, in a value growth that can be found on their individual pages. The Protector of Soil creature, for example, sees his base HP of 950 bumped to 21620 in the middle-ground Nightmare difficulty - in which enduring 500PV hits is also a common occurrence. Other consequences are to be expected from such an event... and thankfully, they're not all bad.

Increased income for currencies and experience[edit | edit source]

Each Rebirth causes to the rewards from drops (combat and chests) and from quests to increase:

Rebirths effects
Drop rewards Quest rewards
Rebirth Bloodstones Gold Exp. Gold Exp.
Normie 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Painful 115% 120% 115% 125% 200%
Horror 125% 150% 130% 175% 300%
Nightmare 140% 175% 150% 225% 400%
Hell 155% 200% 170% 275% 500%
Infernum 170.00001% 250% 200% 325% 600%

Equipment Tiers[edit | edit source]

The Rebirth feature introduced item rarity. In addition to Forging, items can now be found in improved versions that offer an increase in max HP in addition to a slight boost to their other numbers.

Two items with their rarity mod highlighted, Improved is left and Superior is right.

There are three rarity tiers in addition to the regular items :

Rarity Tiers per Rebirth
Rebirth Blacksmith Sells Price Loot/Drops Tier
Normie Basic Base Basic
Painful Improved Base x 1.15 Basic, Improved
Horror Improved Base x 1.15 Basic, Improved, Superior
Nightmare Superior Base x 1.50 Basic, Improved, Superior
Hell Superior Base x 1.50 Basic, Improved, Superior, Pristine
Infernum Pristine Base x 2.00 Basic, Improved, Superior, Pristine

For example, a Rusty Mace will cost: 10 gold in Normie, 12 gold in Painful and Horror, 15 gold in Nightmare and Hell, and 20 gold in Infernum.

Brutals[edit | edit source]

Brutals are not subject to this impermanence. Instead of the six Rebirths, their difficulty is based on the four brutal tiers. Additionally, while you are free to complete brutal-related quests such as the 5 "Solve the Riddle" quests or Rats, this will not affect your ability to activate Guard Brutals or to be attacked by Wild Brutals. In other words, going into a NG+ will not make you lose Brutal progress or reset them should you have finished the Epic tier.
There are a few nuances to this:

  • Combat rewards against a Brutal are still affected by the increase in gold and experience mentioned above, even though the rarity of their dropped Cape isn't.
  • Daily Brutals are still subject to Rebirths and are not affected by your progress in the four tiers of Brutals. That's true of their stats, anyway: progress towards your weekly streak is not lost on Rebirth.
  • Enigma is a special case discussed below.

Enigma[edit | edit source]

While Brutals are not supposed to be affected by a Rebirth, his mortal followers aren't so powerful. And since he is the only Brutal who works on a NPC-activated toggle, here is the scenario that can lead to a (temporarily) unfindable Enigma after a Rebirth:

Talking to the Riddle Master and giving him the Enigma-Magnet 3000 ™ amulet back just before starting a NG+ will force you to complete the five Riddler quests again before being able to get it back from the Riddle Master.

So unless you deliberately want to avoid Enigma in the pre-Easthaven parts of your next Rebirth, which could be desirable under some circumstances, remember to check with the Riddle Master in Easthaven that the toggle is still on before heading on in the next difficulty.