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Release 1.1.2[edit | edit source]


Since the expansion is delayed we have decided to release NG+. The initial plan was to release NG+ together with the expansion. However we felt we didn't want to wait until expansion is done before releasing new content.

  • NG+
    • When the main story has been finished it's possible to replay the entire game with a harder difficulty. Replaying the game will increase loot and xp-gain. Currently the game is re-playable 5 times.
  • Item Augmentation
    • Replaying the game will unlock augmentations of items. They will be dropped by enemies, available in stores and craftable in the forge. An augmented item will get increased stats and having an entire set of an augmentation will unlock an aura that will boost damage and HP. There are 3 levels of augmentation: Improved, Superior and Pristine.
  • Ability to remove Bloodstones from items
    • It's now possible to get back the majority of invested bloodstones.
  • Stun in PvP
    • Probably the most asked for feature. Stun will have a different effect in PvP. Stun will remove focus instead of disabling the upcoming turn, if the turn is a combo turn. Getting stunned properly on a combo turn is just too harsh.
  • Raised level cap to 75
  • Creature Lure potions available in stores
  • Removed Armor Cap
  • Less effect from Bloodstones for Stun, Block chance, crit. dmg and crit. hit
  • Display PvP-resilience values in PvP-menu
  • Added shield block resilience in PvP (meaning shields are not as effective in PvP)
  • All players PvP-ranks are reduced to 20. This is just to make PvP a bit more interesting until we can do a proper PvP-update with weekly events, better rewards etc.
  • Character names can use capital letters again.
  • Bug fixes

Thank you all for playing!

Release 1.0.46[edit | edit source]


  • Cloud Saves
  • Cosmetics
    • To access cosmetics, players have to reach Avan and talk to Calvin The Immoral, or reach Kamengrad without talking to Calvin. Once activated, players can click a new cosmetics-button. The button is located in the top-left corner of the HUD.
    • Collect or buy dark shards and get nice cosmetics that you can show off in PvP and chat.
    • Buying dark shards support developers.
  • New chat UI
    • Some names are underlined and can be clicked so you can see how other players look.
    • You can only view players that have engaged in PVP at some point.
  • Other fixes
    • Dot in center of minimap
    • Faster loot animation
    • Link to our Gamepedia wiki from the start menu
  • Balancing
    • Nerfed shields a bit
    • Dodge buffed a bit
    • Backstab nerfed a little bit
    • Rebalance high level gear resistances
    • Nerfed mythical blunt weapons a bit
    • Final boss buffed
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed next level text on abilities in case one has a cape
    • New vampire lair sprite and marker
    • Fixed broken feedback button (STOMT)
    • There are small spelling/description/minor fixes
    • Size optimizations (smaller installation size)

Release 1.0.42[edit | edit source]


  • UI changes
    • Joystick can be now activated anywhere on the screen. (We heard you had pain in your left thumb, so you can use right one as well)
    • Settings, Chat and Achievement has been group together in top left corner.
    • Quests has replaced Map button since it has been used a lot and this make it faster to access.
    • Map has been moved to Minimap see below.
  • Minimap
    • It was annoying to switch in and out of map to see where player is and where he needs to go. Therefore Minimap has been implemented to show current surroundings on the map.
    • You can open world map by clicking on the minimap.
    • Minimap displays a waypoint which you can set on the world map by clicking anywhere on the map.
  • New daily Brutal
    • Click the Achievements-menu button in the top left corner.
  • Several bug fixes

Release 1.0.38[edit | edit source]


  • Nothing too exciting this time, we just tried to squash as many bugs we could.
  • Fatal crash in Easthaven fixed (iOS only)
  • Several bugfixes
  • Rebalancing of XP-requirement level 60+
  • Support Vampire's Fall!

Release 1.0.34[edit | edit source]


  • All players get a 3X HP buff in PvP.
  • New potion: Creature Lure. This potion increases the encounter rate for wild enemies.
  • New Brutal (interactable). This brutal will respawn and grow stronger every time he is killed. He'll always drop 3x loot.
  • New itembonus: Spell Damage. This increases damage done by abilities Bat Swarm and Conjure.
  • Item modifications
    • Spell Damage bonus has been applied to some daggers and a few katanas.
    • The bonuses that were replaced were bonuses unfitting for that weapon.
    • Blunt and Slashing bonuses have been removed on Daggers and replaced by Spell Damage.
    • Improvements to Bleed and Poison.
        • Bleed and Armor resistance is now affected by Fracture.
      • Poison DOT always bypasses armor.
      • Bleed dump damage always bypasses armor.
      • Poison DOT damage is higher.
      • Bleed dump damage is higher.
  • Nerfed Backstab a little bit.
  • Nerfed crit damage bonus from skills and items.
  • Level cap raised to 65.
  • Combo and phased attacks are now dodge/blockable.
  • Stores will always restock if player is at max level.
  • Opt-in advertisements. This means we don't show ads unless you choose to watch them.
  • Reddit link added to start screen (the winner right here).
  • Fixed fatal crash for some devices.
  • Bug fixes (duh)

Release 1.0.29[edit | edit source]


  • Flee mechanic (%-based)
  • Daemon Call boosted (for hunting Brutals)
  • Respeccing!
  • Master of the Hunter questline properly finished
  • Balancing (shields and abilities)
  • Developer news in-game
  • Bug fixes