Sava Savanovic

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Sava Savanovic

Sava Savanovic is the player's rival in Vampire's Fall: Origins. He starts as a healer outside the walls of Vamp’Ire. He survives the Witchmaster's raid on the town and the player is confronted by him at the passage to the rest of the continent. He quickly becomes obsessed with the abilities you gained from the Witchmaster and forces you to bite him in order to gain them himself.


- Origins

- The Hunt For Sava


You. I don't know you. I can see that you need healing. If I offer my healing service, you should help me. Promises must be kept.
There is a beast I want dead. It's in the way of some mushrooms I must have. It's just west from here. The beast will show itself if you try to pick a mushroom. Come back here when it's dead.
I keep my end of promise and I will heal you now. Just eat this dried toenail. Come back anytime if you need more healing.
You. Can I do something for you?
Lick this sponge and you will be healed.
To the west. I told you.
Just boiling some old toe warts. Nothing special that is.
Stop disturbing me then.
You. Have killed the beast. Good. The mushrooms are mine. Now don't disturb me anymore. Go back and talk to someone in the city. Or jump in the river. I don't care.
You. Are not dead? But at the same time. You are dead. There is something wrong with you. A curse inside you. Touched by nothingness. It is draining you from the inside. But also. Making you stronger...
...I have never seen this before. I must have it. It is powerful. Dark. Give it to me. It is emitting from your mouth. From your teeth. Give it to me. Bite me.
Wisely chosen. I must spread this curse. I am to be the King of the cursed ones.
Then I must take it by force. I must spread this curse. I am to be the King of the cursed ones.
Everyone will know the name of our village: Vamp'Ire
I am now a Vampire. And so are you.
You. Youare back. I knew you would come back here. Where it all started. To get to your first blood. I cannot let you get it. People must know. That I am the original Vampire. Not you.
I have some friends with me. From Avan. They call themselves Vampire Hunters. I have teamed up with them. For now. Hunting you. For what you did to Vaso.
You. You are looking for someone. Someone powerful.
You. You ask who I am? The question is. Who are you working with?
Without him your brother Vaso would be alive. And your father. In the Kamengrad council. Would also be alive. Player caused their deaths.