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Second-in-Command Archil

Second-in-Command Archil is the Second-in-Command of Avan and he is located at the central plaza in front of Vaso's Manor


- Origins


Yes, that army passed by here. Left everything unharmed here in Avan. Don't know why...
Hmm... this is meddling with things above my rank. I have neither the knowledge nor the grade to be dealing with your concerns. You should be talking to the Head of the Village:Vaso. Although he is... the mansion, unavailable at this moment. Grieving his lost son Nicholas.
His son was out hunting deer in the woods three days ago. Didn't come back and several search parties have been out with no luck. All they found was his bow.
Do you see the fire behind you? They are lit so his son can find his way back to the village. A fool's hope, but still a hope. Speaking of those fires they might be your way in to speak to Vaso.
We have 4 fires out in the woods, help us make sure they are lit and I will put in a good word for you to Vaso. The fires are just outside the village. Not more than 10-20 meters
Move along.