Sigurd Sigurdson

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Sigurd Sigurdson

Sigurd Sigurdson is a man in North Kaarja. He is the leader of the village and one of the few survivors of the slaughter at the North Kaarja Battlegrounds.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Kill the Lieutenants

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Ay' what do you want?
The Witchmaster's army. We couldn't accept that it walked on our holy grounds, not with his wretched creatures. We tried to put up a fight, but there is only so much a little village like ours can do against an army. It was a slaughter.
We all live here to honor the holy grounds of the ancient. Now it's all defiled. We will have to move again.
The Witchmster has placed lieutenants in the spoils of the battlefields. It's like they are guarding the dead bodies for some reason. Kill the lieutenants in the battlefield outside Kaarja. Then find two more battlegrounds and two more lieutenants to kill. The army moved south somewhere. Avenge the soldiers that fought on the battleground.