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Tomislav is a man in Kamengrad in the west, at the tavern. He is the son of a renowned elemental magic teacher who recently passed away. He is considered his father's biggest disappointment, even more than when he lost his arm in an accident.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Last Wish

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

My old man...*sob*. The best teacher in elemental magic Kamengrad has ever seen, is no more. Cheers to you old man wherever you may be now! *sob* He left a note for me with his last request...I can't...*sob*...I can't pull myself together to read it. Could you, stranger that I have never met before, but whom I wouldn't hesitate a second to trust with my family's most well-kept secrets, read the note and fulfill my dad's last request?
*Sob* thank you, I'll show on your map where he lives. *Sob* Or rather, where he used to live. *Sob*