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Tsisana is the Potion Maker of Avan, located to the east of town. She sometimes takes Potions off of dead people. She help you grow stronger in order to fight the Hooded Brotherhood by suggesting you drink some blood and to use the Sacred Bush Circle northeast of Avan. She does this despite Vaso ordering her to give you a Potions to weaken you. She later tells you to search in Kamengrad for clues on the Witchmaster and gives you access to the Bat Travel Potion

Quests[edit | edit source]

- Origins

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Looking for some potions, eh?
Eh, most of them. Some I pick from dead people.
Yes...yes. You are peculiar fellow. Not like the rest of us. A real specimen. You will not get the potion Vaso wanted you to have. No...no I have other ways to make you strong and prepare you...
...for the Hooded brotherhood. Three things you can do to become stronger. First, I can see that you need to drink. And water, no. That is not enough for you. No...no. You need blood. Fresh human...
...blood. Go to the market. The rumour of your doing might willingly make people give up some blood to you.
Then, there is something unseen for the human eye that maybe you can see. Go to the sacred bush circle north-east of Avan and stand in the center of it for some time. Find out if you can see the...
I had this feeling that Vaso was playing with foul cards, I cannot allow that.
And let's not forget that you're a specimen too rare to disappear from this world.
That is information I do not have. He seems very powerful, and have knowledge about dark things. Be careful.
My place in this world is to make potions. Rituals, no. I won't put a finger in a ritual. You should go to University of Kamengrad, to the north-west of Avan. They like to poke with rituals and dark...
...stuff. I have a friend there. professor Ozin. Find him.
You might want to get away from Avan. Archil is assembling a few hunters that were loyal to Vaso. They will hunt you down. Watch out.
Before you go, take this potion recipe. If you drink this potion, enemies will be drawn to you. Good for training. Deadly if used wrong.
Anything else regarding this?