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In addition to the Brutals (a list can be found here), the world of Vampire's Fall: Origins is home to unique enemies. Some are part of a bigger task, like the Sacred Rat or Serafinox. For others like the Adventure Killer, finding and defeating them is the start and the end of the quest.
Some of these unique creatures may look like common enemies and simply have a special name, but most of them have their own stats and appearance.
Brutals are all unique as well but aren't listed here as they are an even rare kind of monster.

List[edit | edit source]

If you're looking for tips to defeat them but their name is not clickable, check the related quest for help.

Name Quest Location
Abyss Being Origins Council of Kamengrad
Arvid Varanger Origins Easthaven
Ancient Guardian Sarcophagus Secret Angel's Fall Cemetary
Beast Origins Vamp'Ire
Bug Summoner Master the Hunt part 4 Swamps north of the Shadowvalley
Cave Smuggler Just Business Koccuburry Caves
Cutie Pie and her protector Find Cutie Pie Koccuburry Caves
Giant Blue Rat The Blue Rat A field in Avan
Gruesome Tree Troll Master the Hunt part 3 A cave in northern Trolldeskoven
Hooded Brother Brother of the Hooded Brotherhood Lonely Mans Tavern
Hooded Figure Origins Westwood Farm
Jocke the Salesman Help the Potion Maker Easthaven
Sacred Rat Origins A muddy puddle south of Delphi
Seeker Beast Origins In a cove east of the Lake of Nyssa
Serafinox Origins - Investigate The Kamengrad Ruins North part of the Ruins
Nila the Shapeshifter Shapeshifter Among Us Kamengrad
Fila the Shapeshifter Shapeshifter Among Us Easthaven
Spirit Boar Master the Hunt Part 2 Dreary Mire
Thief Missing Fishing Rod Northeastern part of Easthaven
Whitman the Swamp Dealer Just Business Northeast of Woodland Market
Swamp Leader Swamp Strength Center of Niwokee
Vaso Origins Near Avan's church
Witchmaster Final part of Origins East of Mor Nyth
Xaphxan The Invincible