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The town of Vamp'Ire was located in the western part of the Kingdom. A small and rural village with little of interest.

Background[edit | edit source]

Vamp'Ire was a small and cozy town (closer to a village than anything) that was destroyed by the Witchmaster. This town's name is later given to creatures that emerged from the devastation, the Vampires.

The town had little places of interest. It had two healers, one in the north named Emeline and the other in the east just outside of town named Sava Savanovic. There was a basic weapon stand at the entrance of town as well.

Quests[edit | edit source]

- The First Recruit

- Origins

- The Package

- Clearing The Fields

- Gorneval's Favorite

Characters[edit | edit source]

- Town Elder Walter

- Captain Angmar

- Sava Savanovic

- Deputy Maria

- Ulric

- Old Man Gorneval

- Store Owner

- Emeline

- Mirabelle

- Villagers

- Guards

- Recruits

Notes[edit | edit source]